Does PicoSure cost less than other tattoo removal lasers?

A friend of mine recently had PicoSure to effectively remove an old tattoo on her ankle, that had been zapped before with Q-switched laser but didn't disappear, no matter how many sessions she tried. She told me PicoSure was cheaper than other lasers, and I was very surprised because it seems to be more effective than the rest of them. Is PicoSure a newer, better alternative to traditional tattoo removal lasers?


F, 40, New York

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I underwent PicoSure treatments to remove my ex-husband’s name from my wrist. The tattoo ink was composed of black swirling letters, topped off by a ruby red heart. I started undergoing sessions with PicoSure initially because I liked how the price stacked up against what the other laser clinics wanted to charge me. The treatments were painless, and there is no trace of Stan’s name left on my skin - not even a scar! It took the red ink out just as successfully as it removed the black. The guy who did my treatments explained to me that there was a huge difference between how PicoSure and the traditional removal lasers operate. The old school laser merely heats the old ink to remove it, while PicoSure both heats and breaks up the old ink, causing it to disappear twice as fast. I encourage all my friends to go PicoSure if they ever want a piece removed.

Laser tattoo removal is certainly not cheap. Even worse, insurance companies don’t like covering the cost for what they consider purely cosmetic medical care. When I had PicoSure laser removal done for my tattoo, I was charged over $500 per session, and I had to have five sessions. And even this is probably fairly low, since my tattoo wasn’t that big and I only had one of them. I’ve been told that the cost for getting a tattoo removed with the PicoSure laser depends on the size of a tattoo – or tattoos – and the kind of ink that was used and how it was applied. According to my doctor, the advantage of using the PicoSure laser is that you generally have fewer treatments, which helped save me a bit of money.

When I decided the time had finally come to remove all those embarrassing tattoos I got when I was a teenager, there were a lot of things I considered. For one thing, I wanted to be sure the tattoos would really come off and not just leave a bunch of scars. I wanted it to really work. But since I didn’t have a lot of money to waste, I also wanted to keep the tattoo removal cost down as much as possible. This is why when I was looking at my options, I turned to the PicoSure laser removal. Everyone said Picosecond gave great results and my doctor recommended it. But it was also important for me that it was less expensive – in the long run – than some of my other options.

I tell you I wish that I’d used PicoSure tattoo removal instead of the other laser treatments the first two times I had my tattoos removed. I had two big ones on my arms that I wanted gone but it took forever! I had go through a lot of sessions and I almost felt like it wasn’t worth it. I had already spent a lot on the process so I kept going. I finally decided to get the one on my wrist removed because I was getting married. This time I went for the PicoSure laser treatment and it was unbelievable fast. It was cheaper for me because it took less visits.