Does PicoSure require fewer sessions to see results?

Is this why it's cheaper? A lot of the PicoSure reviews are positive, and doctors seem to appreciate the benefits of this laser tattoo removal.


F, 31, Oregon

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I’ve had two different tattoos removed over the years, and I had very different experiences and results. Both tattoos were roughly the same size, so I really expected they would take the same amount of time to remove. The first tattoo was removed using a Q-switched laser. It took many sessions over a period of months to see the ink particles fade. But the doctor I went to remove my second tattoo used the PicoSure laser for the treatment process. For me, the outcome was better in almost every way. I was more satisfied with the result and it took far less time and fewer sessions to get the job done.

I have had a tattoo removed with PicoSure laser tattoo removal. It took eight sessions to fully fade it out. I have never had a tat removed with a regular laser treatment, but I have heard that getting a piece removed with one can take fewer or more sessions than I had. I think that PicoSure gets such good reviews not just because it’s more cost-effective, but because of how well it works. The nice lady who did my removal told me that the PicoSure tool (I forget what exactly it is called) lightens the tattoo ink pigment by causing it to heat up and fracture unlike a conventional laser (which just heats up the ink). The procedures also stimulated the collagen in my skin which helped it heal faster. It didn’t hurt when they were actively removing it during my sessions, and it didn’t leave me with any pain or soreness afterwards. The process combined with the price was well worth it in my opinion.

The first time I had a tattoo removed it was with a doctor who used something called a Q-switched laser. I was fairly satisfied with the result, although it wasn’t entirely perfect. I had to go through 10 long sessions to do it and there is still a bit of a ghostly outline if you look closely. So when I went in to get another tattoo removed a few years later, I was surprised when it turned out much better and easier. The doctor used a PicoSure laser, and I’m happier with the result, since it’s harder to see where the tattoo was before. It also took fewer treatments to actually remove it, which in the long run cost less. And for me, cost was an important factor.

From what the person in the office told me PicoSure tattoo removal works faster because it has a better technology. It basically zaps your tattoo ink and breaks it up. Normally I wouldn’t want someone pointing any laser at me that’s so high powered and intense, but I really needed my tattoos to be removed so I took a chance. So, yes, it’s faster if you get your removal done with the PicoSure device and that should mean fewer visits to the office. I didn't have any side effects either by the way.