How can I get a face tattoo removed?

Is it any different if the tattoo is on the face? The skin must be more sensitive, that's why I'm asking. I'm not sure it works the same way as with tattoos on the body. How did you remove yours?


M, 36, New York

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The skin on your face is definitely more sensitive which can make the removal process a bit more painful. I thought a few little stars around my eye was a cute thing to do while I was younger. Apparently real jobs aren't too happy about such things when they are wanting to hire you.

There are a few types of tattoo removal people use for facial tattoos. There is dermabrasion, where the skin is literally abraded to bring the pigments to the surface. There is surgical excision where the the tattooed skin is cut away and then the skin is sewn back together. Then, of course, there is the laser removal technique where the ink particles are extremely heated and whitens the skin while the body absorbs the ink pigment particles.

I've been told I should have gone with dermabrasion instead of laser treatments since those are supposed to work really well on your face, but the laser treatments looked like the less painful option. Now I am realizing that the laser treatments take a lot longer and are more expensive because of the number of treatments I have needed.

The good news is, getting a face tattoo removed does work the same way as getting one removed on the body! The bad news is that it does hurt a bit more. Imagine taking a rubber band, holding it against your face, and repeatedly stretching it and slapping it on your face. The only reason it hurts more on the face is because, like you said, it’s a more sensitive area. I used laser treatment, but there are a few different ways. Laser seemed the least intimidating. There was one where they use a type of sandpaper on your face and another where they cut out the tattoo. I just had a single color tattoo, so it only took a few sessions to remove. Absolutely worth it if you ask me!

There are a few different ways to get a tattoo removed on your face such as laser removal, dermabrasion and surgical excision. Laser removal is done with one of two types of lasers, nanosecond and picosecond lasers where it heats up the skin to whiten it. Dermabrasion is a sanding technique where the ink literally rises to the surface and then is absorbed with surgical dressings. Surgical excision is where the skin that contains the ink is cut out, and then the skin is sewn back together.

None of it sounded ideal, but when I cut my hair really short, I realized that what I thought was a cute little cat tattoo was actually not that cute any more. It was by my earlobe right at my jaw. Yes, the facial skin is much more sensitive. I opted for the laser removal treatments. Yes, treatments, because it does not take just one.

Since the tattoo was quite small and not super deep, it only took 3 treatments for it to be gone. I was warned, though, if you have scarring or acne in the area, the removal process can take longer or could be more painful. I did have to wait to have a treatment because of a breakout.

I've had tattoos removed from both my face and my arm, and I was actually surprised to find out that there wasn't really any difference between the process for removing a face or body tattoo. I had a consultation about removing the face tattoos and then scheduled my laser removal session. During the process, they used this chilling machine to help numb my skin, so the face tattoo removal wasn't any more painful than the arm tattoo removal. When I was going in for the removal, they did mention that they can't do laser tattoo removal if the tattoo is right by the eye though. Apparently there's a risk of damaging the eye itself if the laser gets too close.

You’re lucky we live in the era of technology. There are so many different techniques to remove your facial tattoo that the hardest decision you may make is which one to choose! One of the most common techniques in removing a facial tattoo is laser surgery. It takes time but it is very effective in removing the tattoo. There’s also a technique called dermabrasion where they basically use sanding with surgical dressings to raise and absorb the tattoo inks. It isn’t as painful as the laser but you might wake up and still see traces of the tattoo still on your face. Surgical excision is also a useful technique. This is where tattooed skin is cut out and the skin sewn back together. My friend’s brother got that done and I’d really only suggest it if you don’t mind walking around with a scar on your face. Some doctors may also try trichloroacetic acid. It is often used to remove fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, so it can also help fade facial tattoos.

Face tattoos are the absolute worst unless you are really committed to having most of your body tattooed. I got a small rose tattooed on my temple when I was 14 at a friend's house. They did a poking tattoo with homemade needle gun and I regretted it almost immediately.

When I turned 18 I immediately started trying to find someone who would be willing to remove it for me. It was actually a longer process than I thought it was going to be because face tattoos are a little more dangerous and mine was pretty close to my eye. I finally found someone and it took a long time for it to be removed and a lot of money but I really think it was worth it.

I'll be honest though, it really hurt. It felt like I was being splashed with hot oil from the pan every time and while the face actually heals faster than other parts of the body, the weeks in between each session still were painful. Thankfully, because I had my tattoo done by someone who wasn't a professional, the ink hadn't gone as deeply so it was easier.

Is your ink professional?