How many tattoo removal treatments will I need?

I'm hoping the answer is one. It's not very easy for me to take several days off work in order to go to the doctor's office and have my tattoo removed.


F, 32, New York

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I’m not sure if my experience is typical, but for me it took 5 treatments in my tattoo removal process. I’ve heard other people say it takes less than this, while some others say it takes more. At our first meeting, my doctor said it was hard to say how many tattoo removal treatments would be needed to completely remove anybody’s tattoo. My tattoo wasn’t huge and there wasn’t a whole lot of ink applied, so this may have played a part in how many laser treatments I needed and how long it took. But in the end, I was satisfied with the result, which was all that mattered.

I underwent a series of laser tattoo removal treatments to get rid of the rose on my left arm. It took eight sessions to fully remove it. I understand that the number of sessions every person goes through for the removal of an unwanted piece of tattoo ink is different. My removal doctor told me that size and color factors into how quickly a piece can be faded. Mine was faded and fairly small, so it only took a little over seven months to remove it. I had removal appointments once roughly every four weeks, and when I questioned why I couldn’t schedule them closer together, I was told that I had to give my skin time to heal before it could be exposed to the laser again. Sessions preformed closer together can resulted in damaged skin and ugly scar tissue.

Once I decided to have my tattoo removed, I had a few concerns. For one thing, I was worried about how many treatments would be required going into my tattoo removed. As it turned out, for me only 3 treatments were needed. Of course, in my case my tattoo was fairly small and according to my doctor easily removed, which was great. From what I understand, people with more than one tattoo or people who have big tattoos that use a lot of ink will sometimes have to have 8, 10 or even more treatments over a period of weeks or even a couple of months for complete removal. Certainly, it takes a lot more time to get rid of tattoos than it does to get them in the first place, which is one reason why I regretted getting mine in the first place.

I was so nervous about this too believe me! I work long shifts and it’s not easy to find someone to cover for me. It took more than one session for my tattoo to be completely removed but it was so good to know that at each session more was being removed. I knew it would be gone soon! My specialist talked to me first about scheduling and that it would take more than one session to remove my tattoo. They worked with my schedule and I was able to get the tattoo removed fast. I never had to miss work and it all worked out great.