Is laser tattoo removal safe?

Can the tattoo wound get infected? Newer lasers probably have fewer to minimal side effects, but are they still considered safe?


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I think a lot of people come across this concern when they are trying to decide whether or not to use laser tattoo removal to get rid of the ink they no longer want. When you get a laser tattoo removal treatment, everything happens below the skin. There is no actual open wound, so the risk of infection is already quite low. To keep in as close to nonexistent as possible, follow the after care instructions that your doctor gives you.

As for the process, yes there are potential side effects, but most of them are more of an irritation than actually harmful or dangerous. I had some blisters, which make sense if you think about it since the lasers are extremely hot. Then there is the redness and swelling, but this is just a normal reaction your body is having because something new was introduced under your skin. The itching might bother you, but it isn't going to hurt you. It drove me nuts, but the doctor that will do your treatments can help you out with that.

As long as you take care of the treated area after each treatment, laser tattoo removal is very safe.

Is laser tattoo removal safe? Absolutely! Laser tattoo removal is one of the safest ways to get a tattoo removed. I got my tattoo removed a few years ago and there were zero negative side effects. I did get the swelling and the scabbing, but those “side-effects” are just the tattoo removal working. I’ve heard of people getting infections from laser tattoo removal, but that only happens if you don’t follow what your doctor/removal technician tells you to do after your treatments. So as long as your take care of your wound as it heals, it’s perfectly safe! There are, however, some skin pigment related side-effects, but they are very rare and don’t make you sick.

I was worried about infection as well, but then it was explained to me that get laser tattoo removal treatment are very safe. There is so little risk of infection because the actual procedure is done completely under the skin. Yes, there is a risk, but the doctor will give you a very strict set of directions for after care. They are rather simple, so don't worry about that.

Using laser treatments to remove your tattoo is very safe considering what the side effects actually are. Of course, if you have extremely sensitive skin, other precautions might have to be taken, but the worse thing for me was the itching. Scratching the area itself could lead to an infection, so I highly recommend not doing that.

The highest risk that comes with the procedure is not taking care of it afterwards. Other than that, the doctor using the laser, or combination of lasers, is extremely safe.

I definitely think the treatment would be considered safe, since the biggest side effect is just skin becoming unusually dark or light after the process (hypopigmentation). There's not really any life threatening potential side effects, just a general risk of infection or scarring. When I got my laser tattoo removal, they gave me an extensive set of instructions for taking care of the area after the laser tattoo session. The main danger was just that my skin could blister and infection could set in if the area wasn't properly cleaned. I just kept it bandaged for three days and then put an antibiotic ointment on it like they told me too, and I did not get any infections.

No procedure is 100% safe. A tattoo removal wound can definitely get infected but much of that has to do with whether or not you're following proper aftercare instructions.

Side effects of laser tattoo removal include bleeding, swelling, scarring, and infection. If you go to a reputable laser technician those risks go way down and if you take care of yourself afterward then the chances of infection are really small.

In general, yes, this is considered safe as long as you're not doing it in your backyard.