What influences the cost of Q-switched laser?

The bigger the tattoo, the more expensive the removal, right? But are there any other factors that influence the price of Q-switched Laser? I got my tattoo 8 years ago, and it lost a lot of the pigmentation during the years. Does this mean the price will be lower for me?


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How big your tattoo is and how many of them you have has a big impact on how much laser tattoo removal is going to cost. In my case, my tattoos were fairly small tattoos but I had quite a few of them. Also, a good deal of ink was used and there were multiple colors, which apparently makes it more complicated, meaning more expensive, to have tattoos removed. There also seems to be a difference in how much it costs based on the type of laser used for removing the tattoo. My doctor used a Q-switched laser, which apparently meant that I would have more sessions but that each session would cost less.

I don’t think I can give you an exact answer or timeframe but here’s something to remember. Everyone has different skin and how long it takes to remove your tattoo is going to depend on your skin type. It’s good that it’s an older tattoo so the tattoo ink is probably faded, right? If you don’t have lots of sessions, then it is going to be cheaper for you of course. My tattoo removal was tough because I had heavy black ink and my skin is coarse, so it took a long time, but it will probably be different for you.

Well, I’m no doctor, but according to the doctor I went to in order to have my tattoos removed there are a lot of things that go into deciding how much it’s going to cost. I asked a few questions at the time. When I had my tattoos removed, they were carefully measured to find out how big they were. Apparently, a lot of the cost is related to how many square inches your tattoo is. How many colors and what types of color are used in your tattoo is another thing that affects the cost. Then there's the brand of ink used and how thick or dense that ink is.

When I had my old tat removed, I was charged by the session verses an overall one time price. I think the fact that your tattoo is so faded will mean that you will not have to pay for as many sessions as you would if the tat was fresher. My tat was pretty old and faded when I went to get it removed, and I felt like I made faster progress in getting rid of it than this other girl I saw there. Her piece was brand spanking new (as well as large). She had gotten it just a few months prior to her first laser removal attempt (it was her ex’s name). Mine was almost completely gone by my fifth session, but her tat still looked relatively new. I hate to think of how many sessions she had to go through to get rid of it and how much money she had to spend on laser treatments.