What is a salabrasion tattoo removal?

I know it's an at home tattoo removal but I don't know what the process is. I've seen a video with a guy who said he had a "salabrasion tattoo removal" but didn't explain what it was. Can somebody explain to me what it means? It looked pretty effective.


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This is an effective technique that can be used to remove tattoos and usually takes just a bit more than 30 to 40 minutes to be gone. Be warned however: this technique can be very painful so you may want to have some kind of anesthetic on hand before undertaking this procedure. This procedure is called a home technique to remove tattoos because it requires such simple ingredients; plain table salt, tap water, and something like a block of wood wrapped in gauze for an abrasion effect. Yes, that’s really all you need!

Now let me tell you about the process. I saw a video on this once and personally I wouldn’t try it but I won’t say it doesn’t work. You’ll have to get the area shaved so that hair doesn’t get in the way and possibly cause even more pain. Then the person doing the tattoo removal mixed the salt and water and passed it on the man’s arm then rubbed the gauze surface onto the skin with so much force that the skin turned a deep blood red. The person applied antibiotic ointment and a sterile gauze dressing and said it should be left in place for three days. Thankfully they didn’t show the wait but did come back three days later to apply some salt for several hours and then a redressing with some more antibiotic ointment for three more days. The region where the tattoo was didn’t look like the rest of the skin but the tattoo was clearly disappearing!

Salabrasion is essentially rubbing your skin with sandpaper. While it is really simple, I wouldn’t recommend it. You use salt, water, and something to rub the area with. I used a wooden block wrapped in gauze. It was extremely painful. I had to rub the tattoo for over 30 minutes and couldn’t stop until it was bloody and raw. Then I wrapped it with some ointment. After a few days, I had to put more salt on the wound and re-wrap it. It worked really well, but definitely don’t do it yourself like I did. Try to find a dermatologist to do it for you. They’ll have things to help with the pain and they’ll have clean equipment.

Using salabrasion as a tattoo removal technique is one of the ways people are using to remove their tattoos themselves, and while it can be effective, this process has the highest risk of causing scars.

This type of removal uses a highly salted water solution and an abrasive gauze that is vigorously rubbed against the skin. The person doing this, will rub the skin until it is a deep blood red. Then an antibiotic ointment is applied and covered with sterile gauze. After three days, the area is treated with ointment and dressed again with a sterile gauze for another three days.

The abraded skin will look rough and feel leathery. The dead skin will separate from the healthy skin, pulling the tattoo ink pigment with it. Several applications are needed before all of the pigment is removed. Many have said it is effective, but there is usually some degree of scarring.

I got desperate and ended up trying this because I didn't have money to spend on a more professional method. It's basically just a dermabrasion technique that uses salt as the abrasive method. You just wet your tattoo, pour some salt onto a paper towel or gauze pad, and then rub the tattoo until it starts to bleed. At first, I didn't see any results, but I tried it a few times and found that my tattoo did lighten up a bit. However, this also caused some scarring, since you have to damage the skin for it to work, so I ended up just going to a professional eventually.

The Salabrasion process is a relatively simple process, yes. I don't think that you should do it at home though.

That technique includes table salt, water, and anything abrasive. You can do it yourself at your house but with that comes a huge risk of infection and scarring. There are doctors that will do it for you and they will offer pain management as well as have a sterile locatation so there's a smaller chance of getting an infection.

After you've had it done the dead skin that you have scraped off will separate from your healthy skin and it should pull away from the tattoo pigment. It can take 7 or 8 with big gaps in between each treatment. You're also going to have a scar no matter how careful you are because you basically just sandpapered your skin away.

I always recommend laser personally because that's what I had done. It was more expensive and it did take some time but I don't have any scarring from the process.

I have seen salabrasion as a tattoo removal technique done, and I will say that I am not a fan. It looks extremely painful and there is almost always scarring.

Basically, a water solution with a high salt content is prepared after the tattooed area has been shaved. Then an abrasive, but sterile, gauze soaked with the solution is used to rub the skin very roughly until it turns into a very deep red color. It almost looks like raw bloody skin.

Once the skin is ready, an antibiotic ointment is put on the area, and then the area is covered for three days with clean, sterile gauze. Another layer of ointment is applied, and then the area is covered for another three days. This is considered one treatment.

The salt solution will bring the ink pigments to the surface. The ink and the dead skin will pull away from the healthy, healing skin. This process has to be done several times before the tattoo is completely removed. It does seem to work for many people, but there would be no way that I could sit through it once, let alone the multiple times that is needed to get rid of a decently sized tattoo.