Why should I choose dermabrasion tattoo removal?

I've seen a dermabrasion tattoo removal video and it looks TERRIBLE. It seems like Dermabrasion needs to remove way too much skin to get a tattoo off. Not sure what the patient felt but it looked very painful! Is there any benefit to choosing this technique?


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They provided some local anesthesia for me when I got my tattoo removed with dermabrasion, so the pain didn't seem too bad at least. I'm sure people's reasons for choosing dermabrasion over laser removal vary, but for me, it was definitely about the convenience and cost. It was way cheaper, and I didn't have to repeatedly go for removal sessions like a laser tattoo. This meant that I could get rid of my unwanted tattoo as soon as possible. There was some scarring, but since the tattoo was on my leg, I didn't care anyways. For me, the biggest downside was just how long it took to heal entirely from the tattooed area.

Did you know that dermabrasion is actually one of the oldest known ways to remove a tattoo? I didn't either, but when other kinds of tattoo removal treatments were not working, I looked for another option. Having my tattoo lightened was just not enough for me, and I wanted this thing gone and not feel like I was wasting anymore of my money.

Even though it was quite painful, there are some benefits that I found worth it. The main one being that my old tattoo is finally gone. That part of my side is now always weirdly smooth, but it feels very good. The healing process surprised me as well. It only took about a week, but definitely worth it since I am finally through getting rid of the tattoo I did not like at all.

As far as not wasting anymore money, I would say if you can handle a good amount of pain, this is the way to go. It definitely worked for me.

Dermabrasion is one of the oldest ways to remove a tattoo. It’s very painful, but it works very well. When I had it done, the wound healed in just over a week and left no scarring whatsoever. Why should you choose it? Well, it’s known to have the highest success rate in complete removal of a tattoo. It gives you a new layer of skin. It’s even cheaper than laser removal as you need fewer sessions. I’m still surprised at how well it worked. I had tried laser removal in the past, but it just wouldn’t fully vanish my tattoo. Dermabrasion finally got rid of it and I couldn’t be happier.

I personally don't think that you should choose dermabrasion tattoo removal. My friend had an awful experience with it and she encourages everyone she knows to use the laser tattoo removal method instead.

She went in with a tattoo about half the size of her palm that had not been done professionally and was quoted 7 to 10 visits. The process hurt her intensely, the healing between sessions was terrible, and after 10 visits half of the tattoo was still there. She gave up and went to a laser technician who was able to remove the rest of the tattoo within two visits because it was homemade and the tattoo pigment wasn't very deep.

If you have the funds and are really invested in having this tattoo removed I really encourage you to get laser.

Yes, it was painful, but when the laser tattoo removal treatments did not work so well, I was told to try dermabrasion. I was very skeptical, and very worried about the pain aspect since I had a larger tattoo. It covered most of my calf and was several years old.

One of the benefits that made the amount of pain worth it was that it did not leave any permanent scarring and the healed skin is amazingly smooth. Even though I went through multiple laser treatments, they didn't work. With dermabrasion, I only had to do one treatment that did not take very long to heal at all.

Another thing about dermabrasion, especially if you choose to go this non-laser tattoo removal route first, is that it is much cheaper because you know for sure that you will not have to go back to the doctor again and again hoping for better results.