Can a medial thigh lift bring me a thigh gap?

Is the medial thigh lift the same thing as an inner thigh lift? I would love to lose a little leg fat, to get a small gap between my thighs, but I'm not sure it's possible without a surgery. I've been exercising religiously and have not gotten the results I desire. It looks like the only procedure that might get me the results I want is a medial thigh lift. What do you think?


F, 37, Connecticut

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We each have a picture in our mind of what sexy, shapely thighs look like, and some of us can be quite obsessed with it. I was one of those people, and having the surgery provided me with a piece of mind when I achieved the dream that I had been unable to reach. I had medial surgery to improve the appearance of my thighs after repeatedly failing to reach my desired goals with exercise and diet alone. My doctor explained to me that genetics play a significant role in the shape of my thighs, and cosmetic surgery would bypass genetics and give me a look that I had always wanted. I'm pleased with the way that my thighs are contoured now. The fat in my thighs is now proportionately distributed, and the skin is firmer and finally my definition of sexy.

You should request a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in thigh lift surgery. When you see the surgeon, explain your desire to have a thigh gap, and your surgeon will create a surgical plan to meet your goals. My surgeon was able to show me a lot of before and after photos, and he then decided to include thigh liposuction in my treatment to give me a sculpted look that I wanted. I also had some excess skin removed. My muscles now look firmer and more defined. Since having the surgery, I focus my exercise on toning and maintaining my great-looking thighs. I no longer have jiggly or fat thighs that rub together slightly. I'm thrilled with my look, and I recommend that you go ahead and see a surgeon to find out if you are a good candidate for a medial, inner thigh lift.

Yes, the medial thigh lift is just the medical term for an inner thigh lift. Okay, so in order to obtain a thigh gap it is kind of hard to get the desired result. I was aiming for the same goal and my surgeon recommended an extended medial thigh lift. Right before I was scheduled for my appointment, I found out that I was pregnant. What I learned during my initial consultation was that it depends on your thighs fat deposits, tightness in the problem area, and the tone of the inner parts of your leg. Also if you have wider hips this goal might be more achievable. Lastly, because you are aiming for an actual thigh gap the surgeon may have to cut more tissue which will lead to a longer recovery time. Lastly, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgical procedure to maintain the results.

First of all, medial thigh lift is just a fancy word for inner thigh lift. Hear how "medial" sounds like "middle"? But for your broader question, I can't really tell without seeing you, but I know they can easily add some liposuction to the area while they do the lift, if thigh gap is what you're looking for. On a more general note, I would say you should also look in to how diet works alongside exercise for weight loss. But some people just have a shape that won't give them a healthy body and thigh gap at the same time. In that case, a medial thigh lift might be just the ticket. Also consider a mini lift, if your only concern is the upper 1/3 of your thighs.

A medial thigh lift will help with a thigh gap. Mostly it helps tighten and firm up the skin, if you have fat that is not falling off from exercise. I had lost a ton of weight in a short period of time so there was a lot of skin sagging on my thighs so my goal was skin tightening. I lost 10 inches around my thighs, so my thigh gap opened up a lot. I would say if you are just trying to get a wider thigh gap then you should just get the medical thigh lift. However, you can get a circumferential and handle the fat around the entire thigh. If you have any questions, just ask. I’m happy with my body for the first time in 10 years…

This sounds very possible! I wouldn't rule it out because while the procedures are two different surgeries, there is a high possibility that you can receive similar looking results. Everyone wants the coveted thigh gap and if you aren't born with it naturally, plastic surgery sounds like the way to go. Constant exercise isn't always fruitful and excessive weight loss can actually leave you with unwanted loose skin.

We're all built differently, but you can totally receive a thigh gap with a medial thigh lift. The medial thigh lift seems to be much better suited if your desire is to create a thigh gap and lose some leg fat. I've seen the results of medial thigh lifts and they provide a much more clear cut thigh gap, which sounds like the look you are looking to achieve. Thigh gaps are a beauty phenomenon that won't be going anywhere soon, so you can be assured that your new look will never go out of style!