Can people tell you're wearing instant thigh lift tape?

Doesn't it look strange to have the skin pulled up like that? How does it work? Would you recommend it? I have so many questions...


F, 44, Tennessee

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I love thigh lift tape because I recently had a gastric bypass surgery, and now I have very saggy knee caps after having massive weight loss. After using thigh tape my legs appear a lot smoother than they do naturally. When I wear leggings the tape is not visible and my legs appear to be more toned. On nights that I go out for special events I pair the thigh tape with my strongest pair of Spanx and the combo never disappoints me. Now I wear the tape every time I wear shorts, short skirts, or dresses. All you have to do is place one half of the adhesive above the skin you are trying to lift, and stick the other half of the adhesive even more upward and abra cadabra you have smooth looking legs.

My experience trying these were mixed. The first time I wore them (and I'm talking about the tape here), I slapped them on and went and they came off after an hour. I decided to follow the instructions the next time, and really put some time in to it. I used rubbing alcohol to dry the skin, I took my time, and went very carefully. Then the tape lasted for, I would say four hours. I came home, took a shower, used soap and water and after, say, half and hour or so, I had finally gotten the sticky tape residue off. My loose skin on my thighs were red but it did its job. So it helped, and on my pale skin it was properly hidden as long as I didn't dance around too much, but it was a hassle! Unfortunately, only your own understanding of yourself will tell you if it's worth it or not. I would not use it on dark skin.

I don't think it looks strange to have your skin pulled up like that if it's done by a good person. There's definitely techniques that can make the appearance look seamless and nearly unnoticeable to the human eye. Many women struggle with wanting tighter thighs, and instant thigh lift tape is a great option and it's also very affordable for women who may not be ready to make the investment in a full fledged plastic surgery. You don't have to deal with permanent results with the instant thigh lift tape, so if you don't like what you see, all you have to do is remove the tape and you have your thighs back! It may take a few tries to experiment with different options but I'm sure there is something out there that's right for you. If you look on websites like YouTube, for instance, many women share their experience using it.

I've never had a problem with anyone noticing that I'm wearing instant thigh lift tape. I've purchased several brands on Amazon and can say that some brands of thigh light tape are of higher quality than others. Can the tape become detectable? Yes, it can. I made it a point to carefully apply the tape to avoid bulging skin areas or puckering that would be visible through clothing (especially if I wear shorts). You need to pay attention to how you wear the tape also. Some brand of instant lift tape can handle moisture, but not being submerged in water. Too much water will cause the adhesive to release, causing a noticeable change in the way the excess skin hangs. I always buy the clear tape. Using clear tape helps to ensure that it's not easily seen if your clothing slightly shifts.