Can a thigh lift with a groin incision remove enough skin?

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It doesn't look like a groin incision can do much to remove excess skin on the lower part of the thighs or around the knees. It's probably for the people who have just a few skin folds (not my case, unfortunately). Does it have any effect on the belly bulge?


F, 58, Kentucky

It really depends on the patient. In my situation, I had a lot of excess skin on my thighs. Thigh lift procedures are designed around the needs of the patient. A groin incision would not work for me because I had excess skin on the lower areas of my thighs, as well as the upper areas. Groin incisions are more for patients with laxity issues in the upper part of the thighs. I had to have a vertical excision if I was going to get the results I desired from plastic surgery. While I would have rather had a groan incision, the form of thigh lift I had made my skin very tight.

This doesn't really sound feasible. The groin incision is not made to target the thigh area or these folds that you have, so it's best to go with the specific procedure needed to fix your individual problems. There isn't always a cure for all, but some plastic surgeons can certainly get creative depending on the severity of your situation. From what has been published, I don't think you can really expect to have an incision in one place make up for the large mass of skin underneath it. It'd be best to consider an additional inner thigh lift. This way, the procedure is specifically made to fix your thigh's excess folds. You can also consider doing liposuction if you feel belly fat is a significant problem for you. You deserve to feel great in your body, but finding the right procedure for you can be an extensive process. Be careful and take the safe route!