Does a mini thigh lift have a minimal incision?

I have a bit of a loose skin near the groin area and it would be great if I could have a procedure to have it removed. However, I don't want any visible scars. I'm only 29 yo, and I still want to show my body without feeling self-conscious about people seeing the traces of a surgery. Would that be possible?


F, 31, New York

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I think this depend on the method and procedure that you talk about with your doctor. There’s a spiral lift, medial lift, and circumferential lift. Some of them deal with different parts of the thigh. Medial thigh is inner thigh, circumferential is an overall thigh lift. I had a circumferential thigh lift. The incisions are a bit dramatic at first, but I worked really hard to exercise, wear compression garments and massage in cocoa shea butter to help with scars on the thigh skin. They’re very minimal now. I wear jean shorts, bikinis, and always get compliments on my legs now. Your doctor probably can tell you what procedures and type of incision he’ll make with each. I went over every part of the procedure with my doctor before the surgery. I had two separate visits. It’s a big decision. Feel free to ask me any questions! :)

Yes, this sounds possible to me! There is a high possibility that you can receive the exact results you want without the scar. You would just have to work with your doctor to make it clear that this is one of your needs. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and you can do that without scarring. Plastic surgery sounds like the way to go for you. Consider an inner thigh lift procedure to get rid of the loose skin near your groin area. Constantly exercising isn't always as helpful as we'd like for it to be. Embrace the body you were meant to have, and enjoy your body! You're only 29 and you are in your prime! The inner thigh lift seems to be well suited for you if your desire is to remove some loose leg or stomach fat. Hope all goes well with your surgery and that you don't see any scars!

Despite what some folks say on the internet, there is such a thing as a mini thigh lift. The doctor makes a sideways cut that's hidden in the pubic area where your thigh and groin come together, and it's very hard to see unless, well, you are showing it to someone. However, this surgery is much less effective and only affects the upper 1/3 of the inner thigh. For most people that's a deal-breaker, but from what you describe, it sounds like a perfect fit. The next step is to find a local doctor who will do it for you, and go see them. Good luck!

During my experience my recovery time was right on par with what my doctor had warned me of. I got an inner thigh lift and the scars did not completely fade and heal until about a year after my surgery. I got the surgery early January of last year in hopes of hitting the beach in my bikini that following Summer. Right after the procedure I was in pain and had a ton of bruising and swelling. Six months later, I was still in a bikini that consisted of a top and swim shorts because I was so insecure about my scars. After 6 months time, I took matters into my own hands and began a strict regimen combining home remedies, anti-scarring creams, and neosporin which caused my scars to fade. Spring break was last week and I was not insecure about my bikini lines at all.

I had some loose skin near my groin area and decided that I wanted a mini thigh lift. I mainly wanted to undergo this surgical procedure because I didn't want to have any significant scarring. At my initial consultation, my plastic surgeon said that there was no such thing as a mini thigh lift. Because I didn't need to have an excessive amount of skin removed, my doctor suggested a medial thigh lift. This type of thigh lift surgery would allow me to have firm skin and have a hidden scar. My scar was visible after the surgery, but over time it has lighted and become barely noticeable. What I love about having this procedure done is how it's given me the freedom to wear clothing I was too self-conscious to wear since I have gotten rid of my excess skin.