Does the spiral thigh lift offer a circumferential lift?

After years of struggle, I managed to lose an impressive amount of weight with the help of gastric bypass surgery (I lost 150 lbs). Needless to say, the skin that supported all the fat is now very loose. The benefits of losing so many pounds outweighs the saggy skin, of course, but my self-esteem is still low. I've seen a few B&A pics of spiral thigh lifts, and they were impressive. Can I hope for a similar result?


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Congratulations on your weight loss! I understand what you’re talking about because I had bariatric surgery and lost over 100 pounds. I felt like all I did was jiggle and sag after I had lost all that weight. I was left with a bunch of excess skin. I went to see a plastic surgeon who specializes in thigh surgeries. There are several different thigh lifts that can be done, but my doctor recommended that I have the spiral lift, which is a total thigh lift. This procedure transformed my legs and even improved my butt by lifting and augmenting that area as well. My surgery included incisions in the inner thigh to remove excess fat that caused my legs to rub together and removed the excess skin that caused me to walk awkwardly. This lift also treated the saggy skin between my groin and my inner knee. My doctor explained that I needed to leave more fat on my hips and upper legs, but he recommended that I have my outer thighs lifted.

The spiral lift treated all those areas on my legs in one operation. I’m happy with my thighs. They look smoother, and I have lovely contours. I recommend that you see an experienced plastic surgeon because a good surgeon can help to reduce the risks involved in this or any another plastic surgery. If you’re worried about thigh lift cost, you could ask your plastic surgeon about payment options. My surgeon’s office offered payment options, and that gave me the opportunity I needed to have the surgery done. You can expect to get similar results to previous patients. Also be sure to read the doctor's reviews. Keep me posted on your outcome!


I'm also in Virginia and looking into getting a thigh lift. What surgeon did you use? Thank you

Medial thigh lift surgery helps with inner thigh skin and fat. Circumferential offers the reduction of the entire circle of the thigh, not just one part of the thigh. Spiral lifts seek to improve thigh laxity on the inner, outer, front and back parts of the thigh. I would say that this describes my experience. Thigh lifts can help if you have some small pockets of fat and loose skin. If you want to tighten up, especially after losing weight, then a thighplasty procedure is definitely the way to go. My thighs made me look 10 times heavier than I actually was. I had a sedentary lifestyle, so I wanted to get a tighter body. Exercise worked for only so long.

One thing I did have to do is compression pants afterwards. I got a tummy tuck as well, so I had a garter for that. My body has slimmed down a lot, and now I exercise every day to maintain it. My doctor made a lot of good recommendations and answered all of my questions.

The spiral thigh lift really worked wonders for me. I had a significant weight loss because of a medical condition that I have, and I was left with a lot of flabbiness around my core, hips, and thighs. The thigh lift decreased the overall size of my lower stomach, thighs, and love handles. Now I have so much more confidence. Also, it got rid of some annoying cellulite that I could not seem to get rid of no matter how hard I tried. I do not know if it was because of my medical history but my recovery time was lengthy. The swelling after the surgery was intense but with the use of Neosporin and patience my scars are gone. Now I am living a healthier lifestyle altogether and weighing my lightest since high school.

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 I am in the process of finding the right surgeon for a thigh lift. I have loose skin from weight loss. I saw where you wrote your thigh lift improved your cellulite and that caught my eye and made me want to reach out to you. I was told by a few surgeons that a lift wouldn't help my cellulite. Well, one said no. Another one said only in the slightest and another said it would only improve temporarily but as soon as the fat re-positioned itself after a couple months it would come back. I see your post is from 4 months ago and I'm not sure how many months or years ago your surgery was, but has your cellulite still stayed away? Has it remained gone? if so then maybe there is hope for me after all :-) I am 40 years old and I see you are 39 so age wise we have similar skin tone. Before I even went to consultations when I would lift up the cellulite part the cellulite would be gone thats why I assumed a thigh lift would help cellulite and was kinda heartbroken to hear the surgeons responses. Also, may I ask where was your cellulite? Mine is primarily on the upper back of my thigh right below my buttocks. It is closer going towards my hips instead of going towards the inner part. Let me know when you have a chance. One of my photos i purposely angled my leg out which shows my cellulite in the worst light, the photo with the arrow. It would mean alot to me.

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First of all, congratulations on your weight loss. That is a major accomplishment! Next, I would say that before you consider surgery, do two things: Make sure you are at a stable weight for six months to a year, so that you know absolutely what shape you are going to be the rest of your life. Also, I'm a little concerned about the way you phrased your search for a cosmetic procedure. You said you were still having trouble with self-image after your weight loss and thought surgery would help. There's a thin line here. Surgery can help you fix areas of your body that are bothering you, but it can't make you feel better about yourself overall. Ask yourself some serious questions about your motives, and if surgery is the answer. OK, preachy bit over now, consider this: Most people who lose a large amount of weight may get a better outcome from a lower body lift than simply a thigh lift, no matter how complex the procedure. Also, a simultaneous outer and inner lift might be another option with less damage. In the end, this whole basket of questions is perfect to take to your plastic surgeon, who can help you navigate all of the internal and external elements of this. Good luck!

I, unfortunately, experienced one of the common side effects of gastric bypass surgery. I lost 175 pounds and ended up with loose, sagging skin. Ironically, while I'm not self-conscious about my weight anymore, I am self-conscious about my skin. My plastic surgeon suggested a spiral thigh lift because it would improve my thighs circumferentially. The spiral thigh lift reshaped my front, back, inner, and out thighs. The incision was also placed at the spot where it would be well hidden. The incision was made across my groin creases. What's great about the spiral lift is that it involves removing excess skin and tissue, as well as involving liposuction. Although it took around 9 months to see the final results from plastic surgery, the improvements to my legs were highly noticeable.

First of all, congratulations on your incredibly impressive weight loss journey! Losing 150 lbs is a big milestone, especially with gastric bypass, and it's completely understandable that you'd want to do a significant transformation of the new loose skin. That skin is no longer you, because you're a new person now! After consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon friend who specializes in post massive weight loss body surgery, I would say that the spiral thigh lift very closely resembles the circumferential thigh lift. One pretty significant benefit is that there won't be a visible scar once you heal from your surgery. You should be able to enjoy your body without struggling with saggy skin, so consider the spiral thigh lift! Going for it could completely change your self esteem and is totally worth the investment! Given how similar the results of the two procedures appear to be, you should be all set!