Does a thigh lift include liposuction, too?

I don't think a thigh lift surgery is enough for me. I also need fat removed to make my waist slimmer, so that my butt would be more proportionate with the rest of my body (I have a pear body shape). Do I have to ask for liposuction, too, or it's automatically included in the thigh lift procedure?


F, 51, New York

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Three years ago, I decided to have a thigh lift. I had some excess fat and loose skin around my knees. My doctor suggested that I have both liposuction on my thighs and a thigh lift. Apparently, most people, like me, have some fat that should get removed before their thigh lift. It's very rare for someone to not undergo liposuction and a thigh lift. My liposuction procedure occurred first. The two procedures were not performed at the same time to avoid any risks I could have with healing. Although some plastic surgeons will perform the two procedures at the same time, I had my thigh lift four months after my liposuction.

Thigh lifts are separate from liposuction, but your doctor may recommend doing both. You can remove excess fat, skin, and tissue from the thighs. You can also improve dimpled, fatty skin. Thigh lifts are mainly for removing this fat and contouring the shape of the thigh. Liposuction should be considered with extreme caution. I got liposuction separate from the thigh lift so that each could heal properly. I had pockets of fat in areas that I wanted to trim off.

My doctor talked to me before about sagging skin and what my skin would look like after the surgery. I did have a scar that extended down my inner thigh in one area. I was able to use some creams to reduce the appearance. However, it depends on your genetic makeup how deep the scarring will be and how dark it will be. If you use compression pants and exercise, then your thighs will be slender and tighter after the surgery. Incisions can be diminished with shea butter and other medical creams.

So there are different combinations that you can select from when getting a thigh lift done. You can add liposuction to your procedure, but it would be done first before the actual thigh lift. I think in your case, asking for liposuction would be a good route because it sounds like you have two areas that you'd like to target: thighs and waist. Since these parts of the body are in their own place and distinct from each other, it could be a good option to consider both. You mentioned you have a pear shape body and it's totally fine that you want everything to be proportionate! A thigh lift alone without liposuction will likely just smoothen and tighten your thigh skin, so without liposuction around your waist or stomach, it could be quite difficult to achieve the desired result you're looking for. In your case, combining both will work best in my opinion.

Liposuction removes the cellulite from your thighs. The whole operation consists of inserting suction tubes to drain fat deposits out of the area. Liposuction is a much easier surgery to recover from because of the limited results the procedure provides. A thigh lift tightens the skin. After going to my consultation my doctor explained that the decision comes down to a few factors- skin type, fat pockets, and skin sagginess in the thigh area. Some surgeons prefer to join the two procedures so their patients can experience the best of both worlds. Other surgeons refuse to combine the two. Whatever you do ask your doctor about the benefits of liposuction for your particular body because it is usually categorized as an add-on surgery.