Does a thigh lift reduce cellulite as well?

When I lift the skin on my thighs, the skin looks very smooth and doesn't have any dimples. Is that the results I can hope for with a thigh lift?


F, 65, Utah

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It really just depends on the technique that your surgeon prefers. Most of the time the doctor has to remove fat in order to tighten the skin so a thighplasty alone cannot guarantee the removal of cellulite. However, liposuction is a little more effective with the removal of cellulite because the procedure literally inserts tubes to suck out the unwanted fat deposits. I chose to combine my thigh lift procedure with liposuction because I wanted smaller thighs and less leg dimples, and the surgery took care of both. I am really happy with my choice. Ask your doctor what they would recommend for you given your skin type.

Hi--I had thigh lift surgery about three years ago in January. I had rapid weight loss, creating cellulite and loose skin on my thighs. I actually had an inner thigh lift and spiral lift. This removed most of the fat from my upper inner thigh as well as the cellulite, and then pulled my thigh tight. I had to wear compression garments as well.

I think the procedures worked, it did reduce cellulite and the appearance of my thighs has definitely improved. Most people who have these procedures worry about the scars the most. I talked to my doctor extensively about the scars, and these two procedures were the best for hiding scars. You can’t tell unless I show you the scar on my body. You should definitely think about getting the surgical procedure if you want to reduce fat around your thighs and tighten up. It helped me tremendously. Feel free to ask me any questions. :)

If there is anything that I don't like about my body, it's the fact that I have significant amount of cellulite on my thighs. My friend mentioned that a thigh lift would help get rid of the excess skin, but I didn’t want to undergo plastic surgery that wouldn't remove my cellulite. My plastic surgeon told me that a thigh lift alone would not get rid of my cellulite. A thigh lift would remove some of my skin and tissue. It would just reposition my cellulite. I would notice a decrease in cellulite, but that decrease would not be dramatic. Instead of a thigh lift, my surgeon suggested liposuction. The liposuction would get rid of the cellulite. My doctor and I would discuss any further procedures after I healed. Luckily, I didn't need to undergo a thigh lift. The liposuction was the body contouring procedure I was looking for and removed the cellulite and left me with firmer skin.

Yes, of course you can get rid of that cellulite with the thigh lift! What's even better is that it's a permanent solution as opposed to having to put tape on your thighs to hide that excess fat and skin--I mean imagine having to do that every single day! Ridiculous, right? Thigh lift, especially the inner thigh lift can completely transform the way your thigh area looks. I know there's a large number of options on the internet when it comes to thigh lifts, but you can always knock out two in one by getting the inner thigh lift--your thigh and cellulite will thank you. There's also the medial thigh lift, but I think the best route for you would either be liposuction on your thighs just to get rid of the cellulite alone (also this way, there wont be severe incisions and ugly scarring that you'll have to heal from) or go with the inner thigh lift.