How frequent are thigh lift complications?

I know every surgery has it's risks, but I wonder if a thigh lift would have some frequent complications I should know about. I read something about fluid formation under the skin, which sounds terrible. How often does that happen?


F, 55, Virginia

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With thigh lift surgery, which are pretty extensive procedures requiring deep incisions, there isn't any complication that's truly concerning. That being said, the most common is wound healing problems, which about 18.34% of patients experience and seroma, experienced by a smaller group of 8.05%. While each person has their own surgery story to share, reading horror stories can really mess with your psyche in the days leading up the consultation and/or surgery. What one woman experienced may be completely different from another's, and a big part of your healing is how well you take care of yourself post-operation. Are you following doctor's orders of self care and hygiene?

I'm 53 and in relatively good shape, but have loose skin on my inner thigh. A thighplasty was something that I considered for a long time. I was concerned about the potential complications from the surgical procedure. My doctor was incredibly honest and said that most patients who undergo this procedure will experience some complications. However, the complications that the majority of people experience are minor and won't require any surgery.

I was told that seeing a plastic surgeon who has experience with thigh lifts will reduce the severity and chances of experiencing complications. I underwent the procedure because I felt confident about doing so and knew the risk. I did have some fluid build up to occur underneath my skin, but it was nothing that I could not be corrected without surgery. Again, the majority of complications that may occur are very minor.

From my experience, it’s more of miscommunication between the patient and doctor in the first couple of visits. You have to be careful with plastic surgery as some surgeries may not be necessary but a doctor can convince you that they are or not extensively go through the outcomes, meaning that the patient has high expectations.

I looked at several before and after galleries before making a decision on a thigh lift. I knew where the scars would be and how I was going to treat them afterwards. I also talked to my doctor about before and after photos, there were a lot of recommendations on the different surgical techniques for thigh lifts, but it’s really up to you and what parts you want to minimize and slim down.

My daughter is looking into getting a thigh lift so I have been doing thorough research to see what the risks are for her. I wanted to share what I have found thus far. Almost 50% of thigh lift patients experience some sort of surgical complication during the recovery stage. The most common complications were leaking (bleeding) and skin tears where the incisions were made which could cause an infection. These complications occur in about 1 out of every 10 thigh lift patients. Swelling is also very common during the recovery stage. A lot of these complications can be prevented if you just follow doctor’s orders. Make sure to pick your surgeon wisely and ask to see samples of their work before setting a date for surgery!