How many types of thigh lift procedures are there?

There seem to be a plethora of thigh lift procedures and techniques on the Internet. Is there one that's more popular, and how is it better than the rest of them?


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I heard that a thigh lift would correct the loose skin around my thighs. What I did not know is that there is more than one type. Some of the thigh lifts are more invasive than others. While I knew I would have to undergo a surgical intervention, I wanted to do something that would not involve massive incisions and a prolonged recovery time. Inner, outer, and vertical are the three types of thigh lift procedures.

I had an inner thigh lift because I had excess skin around the upper portion of my thighs. The inner thigh lift involved placing a small incision that went from the crease of my thigh to my buttocks. It was an effective surgical procedure that left me with a hardly noticeable scar. My recovery time only took a couple of weeks. A vertical thigh lift would involve a larger incision, the removal of more skin, and a longer recovery period. Plastic surgery really made me more confident with my legs and I am so happy I went through with thigh lift surgery even though I was really nervous. Good luck to you!

The quality of thigh lifts is dependent on how well you follow post-surgery instructions and of course the work of the surgeon. One of the most popular thigh surgeries is an inner thigh lift that is a small cut near the groin area probably because of the “Thigh Gap” craze. Nevertheless, I got a spiral thigh gap surgery and I really do not understand why anyone would choose another procedure. After the swelling went down, I lost my love handles, saggy hip skin, and inner thigh cellulite. Results vary, so please do your research before picking a surgeon because spotty work can lead to serious health issues.

There are different thigh lifts for all types of thighs. I have had two separate procedures. The inner thigh lift or medial thigh lift helps me with jiggly fat on the inner thigh and expanded my thigh gap. Spiral thigh lift is the second procedure that I had. This has an incision under the butt cheeks and is barely visible. I’ve also used creams to help with the visibility of it.

Anyway, I’m not familiar with the other types of surgeries, but there are also circumferential thigh lifts that remove fat from all parts of the thigh, like a 360 degree look. Vertical thigh lifts removes skin from the inner thigh and has an incision that starts at the groin and then goes to the inner knee.

I chose my surgery based on what the doctor recommended for the areas that I was concerned about. He said that I only had small pockets that needed to be removed. The good part about this was that I had smaller incisions and I was able to get a slender, tighter look without a large amount of scarring.

I wouldn't say any of them are better than the others, it just seems like one might be better for you than the others. The most popular procedure is probably the medial, or inner, thigh lift. it involves a cut from the groin down a large portion of the upper leg, and tightens and shapes the entire inner thigh. But if you just have a small bit of skin or fat just below the groin region, a mini thigh lift might be a better option. The scar is much smaller, and hidden in your fold between your groin and thigh. Unfortunately, there are fewer surgeons who perform this procedure, so you may have to shop around. Finally, if you have experienced a large amount of weight loss, you may need a procedure that fixes both sides of your thigh (circumferential, spiral, dual), or consider and entire lower body lift. In the end, your surgeon is the best source to help you determine which procedure is best for you.

Thigh lift procedures have different variations, such as an inner thigh lift and a medial thigh lift. These are two very popular options. While the two procedures are technically different, their results will look quite similar since the standard procedure involves removing some leg and/or thigh excess fat that the patient has. Most often, the skin the patient wants to remove is sagging skin from a heavy weight loss, or maybe they desire a thigh gap like the girls in the magazines. Whatever your reasoning, the inner thigh lift seems to be a pretty straightforward procedure and there are plenty of resources and reviews online from both women and doctors who have either experienced the surgery or performed it themselves. I know how overwhelming seeing so many options can be to a woman's mind. I hope the above suggestions make it a bit easier for you to narrow it down.