Is getting a thigh lift after weight loss a good idea?

I followed an amazing diet and the results are tremendous. I lost 30 lbs in half a year. I don't think I ever was as proud of myself as I am now. I only have one problem: the skin on my thighs got quite stretched and it's crepey. Is there any chance the skin will slowly bounce back or am I too optimistic? If not, I'll probably have to get a thigh lift.


F, 38, New Jersey

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I lost 40 pounds in a year. I am proud of my success and the effort I put into it. Unfortunately, I have crepey-looking skin on my thighs. While I would have liked for my skin to have regained its firmness, it didn't. It was almost a year since my weight loss and exercising hasn't helped firm up my skin. So, I decided to undergo a thigh lift. My plastic surgeon said that the plastic surgery could help deal with the loose skin on my thighs. He explained the entire procedure and said that I was a good candidate. He suggested an upper thigh lift because of where my excess skin was located. Also, this type of lift would give me the results I desired. It's been two years since my surgery. My scars are barely visible, and my thighs are slim and toned. I absolutely love the results.

Your weight loss results are incredible! Losing 30 pounds is no easy feat, especially if you managed to do it through your diet. Congratulations girlfriend! The loose and stretchy leftover skin is a common phenomenon with people who have lost significant amounts of weight like you have. It's unlikely that the skin will slowly bounce back because it's already been stretched beyond the dimensions of your current body, so considering the thigh lift procedure would be a great solution for you! You can kill two birds with one stone by removing your excess skin along with any cellulite or crepey skin you might be feeling self conscious about. You should get to celebrate your weight loss and show it off to the world! Consider getting a thigh lift so you can rid your body of that extra skin because it's no longer part of who you are anymore. You're a new person!

I went through a gastric bypass and had lost 140 pounds. My thighs were probably the worst part about my body at the time. I had a tummy tuck and a spiral thigh lift. If you lose a lot of weight, then it can help you tighten up and remove cellulite fat quickly. Weight loss created some issues that I didn’t expect. Now I love my body, but it’s been four years since my initial surgical procedure and about six years since my initial gastric bypass. I will say that recovery was more difficult because of scarring and the amount of skin that I had to tighten up. Creams were a big help. I would say talk to your doctor as much as you can before the procedure so you know the outcomes of a body contouring procedure before you go under the knife.

The skin will probably not bounce back because of the amount of weight you lost in such a quick time. For me, I had a similar situation. I was working a high stress job and lost a lot of weight during the time. A thigh lift will tighten the skin but cannot guarantee that fat deposits will disappear. I chose Arasys treatments instead because they did not require recovery time and stimulated my muscles by toning my legs. Now I have much smoother skin and do not have any more skin sag. An added plus of Arasys was that it was a lot cheaper than invasive thigh lift surgery.