Is it difficult to put thigh lift tape on?

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I would feel very awkward to ask someone else to help me put it on me. Also, can thigh lift tape peel from the skin if you're sweating?


F, 43, Tennessee

It's not too difficult to put on thigh tape and it's something that can be done without assistance. I've used thigh tape to lift and firm my thighs for a couple of years. Thigh tape was not a permanent solution to my excess skin and fat on my thighs. However, it did allow me to feel less self-conscious when wearing certain clothing items. I will one day talk to a plastic surgeon on a surgical procedure to address my loose skin, but until then I think the tape is a good alternative for what I am trying to achieve (I need an arm lift too).

The main issues I ran into when using thigh tape was keeping it even. It's easy to apply the tape in the way where you can have an uneven appearance. Thigh tape tends to only last for 15 hours. Another drawback is the fact that you cannot submerge these in water. So, I had to reapply the tape every time I showered or did something that involved water.

It depends on the type of tape I would say. I’ve been through the anti-chafe thigh tape, kinesiology taping, and Skinnies instant lift. It really does work. Nobody could tell, I asked my friend. I wear it with dresses and jeans. It can be uncomfortable at times if you are moving around a lot, like dancing for example. It felt like wearing a band-aid to be honest. You can’t really wear it with short skirts and dresses as well. You can wear it under a longer jersey dress or with tights possibly. I’ve worn it with some thicker stockings. You should try it. I think it helps a lot to lift and tighten up your thighs without a surgical solution. I will say that it’s not really like the real thing. I had an inner thigh surgery and that took away fat, slimming me down about 3 inches on each thigh. If you want to get tighter thighs, then the thigh lift is a really good option. Ask me any questions if you’re thinking about doing it, but the tape is a good temporary option!

Different brands of skin tape usually have simple steps to follow that are similar to the following instructions- peel the clear adhesive strips, place it above the desired saggy skin, lift the upper half of the adhesive and stick the tape to your upper leg and go on about your day. The adhesive stays on for 10 hours and only leaves a little bit of sticky residue on the skin after its use. If you place the adhesive evenly on your skin it will tighten, look smoother, and give the appearance of toned legs. I pair these with my favorite brand of compression garments and I instantly have more shapely legs.

There's always a novelty that comes with trying any new product or method, but there are also techniques that, once learned, can make the process of tightening the look of your thighs really simple. It shouldn't be difficult after some practice, as with anything. It initially may feel quite foreign because it's not something you're used to. The sensation on your thighs might be a bit odd at first, but that strange feeling with subside. Several women struggle with wanting tighter looking thighs, and instant thigh lift tape is a great way to achieve that look without plastic surgery.

Additionally, it's also very affordable for women who are not necessarily ready to make the investment in a grand surgery. Don't be afraid to look at online tutorials on applying instant thigh lift tape. YouTube should have a wide variety of reviews and tutorials from other users who have already played around with different techniques.

You can put it on yourself, but putting it on well is a big maybe. Be sure to carefully prep the area like the package says, take several deep breaths to quell the frustration, and GO SLOW! It will come off if you sweat, depending on so many factors. I've read people who say they go out and play tennis in them, but I don't see how. With proper, careful application, mine lasted four hours. And FYI, they were a hassle and a half to take off again.