Is an outer thigh lift better than an inner thigh lift?

With age, the skin around my thighs started to sag more and more each year. It's definitely a normal sign of aging (I'm 63), but it's bothering me a lot. From the numerous articles I read on this subject, the best solution for my problem seems to be a thigh lift. However, I'm not sure I need an outer thigh lift or an inner thigh lift. Is one better than the other? In what way? Please share your experience. Thank you!


F, 65, Utah

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Hello and thank you for your question! A thigh lift could obtain life-changing results. Every patient is different and therefore may need different strategies to address their unique individual concerns. I recommend undergoing a proper consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can assess your needs in person. This will enable him to develop an individualized surgical approach to ensure you attain the best, most natural results from surgery.

I had an inner thigh lift because that's where my skin was sagging. My outer thighs seem to have enough healthy fat to maintain some support. My cosmetic surgeon explained that if I had my inner thighs lifted it would give me the look that I wanted. An inner and outer thigh lift can be combined if you're going to have them both done together. You could ask your surgeon for some before and after photos of previous patients so you can know what results to expect.

I was becoming very self-conscious about wearing shorts or a bathing suit. Even though I exercise and stay fit, my skin began sagging as I aged. My surgeon explained to me that sagging thighs are typical with age and he could give me a contoured look. I may return and have my outer thighs done if needed, but I'm pleased with the look that I have achieved with the inner thigh surgery alone. My thighs are tighter, and my legs look younger. If this seems like a good procedure for your needs I would visit a surgeon and see if you are a good candidate. I will tell you that this body contouring put my self confidence at an all time high.

Where your sagging most will denote which cosmetic procedure is better for you. For example if you've lost weight as you've aged and the sagging is more in the back or all around the thigh you want an outer, and if you're dealing with more of the sagging in the spot where your legs rub together in the top, you may want an inner. The outer thigh lift is going to be more of an overall lift, where the inner is really specific to the groin crease area and inside thigh. Also, while you're recovering, it's easier to get around if you had an outer thigh lift, where the inner can make it harder to walk without pain.

Hi... I guess I would start by saying that thigh lifts in general improve areas where you feel the most sensitive about your body image. I had a significant weight loss and was dealing with saggy loose skin around my hips, thighs, and upper inner thighs. I’ve had both at separate times, and it helped my sculpt my thighs to be the exact width and contour that I wanted. My doctor was really great about talking to me throughout each visit. He had great bedside manner. The recovery time is pretty significant with these surgeries. You basically cannot exercise or walk for a month after the procedure, and even then, there is some discomfort. It’s been a few years now, and I have had to maintain my thighs through exercise to ensure that I don’t get the loose skin back.

The scars are also an issue. You need to make sure to talk to your doctor about scars. My scars around very small now, but at first, I was scared to wear a bikini or shorts. You’ll need to get some coco shea butter and massage into your skin after the procedure. If you don’t exercise and wear compression pants, the recovery takes longer-- my doctor warned that the skin can loosen again on the thighs and look strange. I have maintained my body ever since. If you have any questions, just send over to me! I’m happy to help.

It’s all up to where the most skin is and how much you want to get rid of via plastic surgery. For an inner thigh lift a surgeon cuts from the crease near your pubic area to your butt. For an outer thigh lift the doctor cuts near your hip downward to rid the area of any fat. I did a combined surgery (simultaneous lifts for the inner and outer thighs). Some surgeons will charge less for this because it is a combined surgical procedure and others will charge more because of the added thigh skin being cut. One thing I have to share is recovery time. My scars were very red for six months and now I have hit the one year mark and my scars have faded. I love my results and as the weather is warming up I cannot wait to rock my short shorts once again.

You're absolutely right in that this is a normal part of aging, and it's common to be bothered by loose skin. Depending on where the skin is saggiest, an inner thigh lift could completely transform the look of your thighs. I can see that with this procedure, the thigh area get much tighter and as a result, looks significantly younger. Stubborn sagging skin is not fun to deal with, but an inner thigh lift can provide you with the transformation you need. I also feel super self conscious about my thighs as well, because they are a bit larger for someone my age. I am also considered getting my thighs done, and am leaning towards the inner thigh lift procedure with some thigh liposuction. Best of luck with whichever one you choose, whether it be the inner thigh lift or the outer thigh lift. You deserve to feel fabulous and strut your stuff without worrying about the sag!

Aging and weight loss has definitely had its effect on my thighs. I did a lot of research and determined that I would need a thigh lift to rid me of my excess skin. I wanted the best results possible, so I asked my plastic surgeon whether an inner thigh lift would be better than an outer thigh lift. My physician told me that it's not an issue of which procedure is better in my case. Because I wanted to treat both areas of my thighs, my doctor said that he would combine the inner and outer thigh lift. Combining the two thigh lift surgeries was the best way to achieve the results that I wanted. By combining the two procedures, I was able to achieve the contoured and slimmer look that I desired.