Is thigh lift recovery determined by how extensive the surgery is?

Does a vertical thigh lift have a much longer recovery time than a mini thigh lift, or is it the same thing? The body goes through general anaesthesia and it's cut open either way, so I'm not sure.


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A good way of looking at it is the larger the incision the longer the thigh lift recovery. Usually an inner thigh lift, which is a much smaller incision near the panty line, requires about two weeks of bed rest and then you’re back to work. Vertical thigh lifts are a significantly larger incision stretching from the groin to the knee and requires three to four weeks to recovery time because more muscular tissue requires more time to heal. Also, for larger incisions you usually have to wear compression shorts for a longer period of time. For most thigh lifts, it takes about six weeks to overcome general fatigue and exhaustion.

The procedure itself is similar in the ways you mentioned, but the incision is so much larger in the full medial lift that it's really in a whole different ball park. But the results are in a whole different ball park, too. A mini will only help you with the upper 1/3 of your inner thighs, where the traditional medial shapes you all the way to the knee. In the end, expect to be off your feet for about a month for either. Your body will heal at its own speed, but recovery for the medial will be longer. Your surgeon can also help give you the specifics of what you can expect for your body.

This is a very fair question and I think the healing period should be the same. So, in a sense, yes, because the more cuts and wounds the plastic surgeon has to make, the more time it can take to heal. Since the vertical thigh lift is far more common than the mini thigh lift, there's more information known about it that's accessible to the general public, making it easier to read online reviews and determine whether it's the right fit for you. From what I found, I think the average time frame should be 2-3 weeks for a thighplasty, but you have to manage your scars carefully and follow all instructions for care because there are definitely people who have had a bad experience where the skin is left a bit lumpy or uneven afterwards. The anesthesia, just like you mentioned, stays the same since it's general and both surgical procedures require significant incisions.

Yes. The more extensive the thigh lift surgery the more recovery time you will need. I needed to have a more involved thigh lift that meant having an incision from my knee to my groin. The more pronounced the incision, the longer the recovery time. My procedure required six weeks of recovery time. I've heard that patients who have had a medial thigh lift only needed around three weeks. Again, everyone's body heals at different rates. It takes about a year for all the bruising and swelling to subside. I didn't see the full results of my plastic surgery until eight months after the procedure.