Is wearing a compression garment after thigh lift crucial?

I've been wearing the compression garment for two weeks now, and it's starting to get itchy and uncomfortable. My doctor said I should wear it for around a month, but I'm not sure I have this much patience. Is it imperative to wear it for so long? How long did you wear yours?


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I don't know if all plastic surgeons have their patients wear compression garments after a thigh lift, but mine did. I had to wear mine during the day for six weeks. Yes, wearing the garments can be annoying after a while. They are restrictive and can be uncomfortable. However, these garments do help with healing and achieving the best results. My physician told me that wearing the compression garment would help reduce swelling and bruising and help to remold some tissue. My doctor checked my healing process before telling me that I no longer had to wear the garment. Each person is different, so my experience with compression garments might be slightly different than someone else's. But I do suggest that anyone told to wear these garments follows their doctor's orders.

Okay so I got vertical thigh lift surgery which consists of pretty big incisions, and I tried to cheat the system. I wish I would have worn the compression shorts for a little while longer. I have gained significant results, but my skin took so much longer to tighten. Also, my doctor explained to me that since gravity is always pulling down on your legs, you need the shorts to keep the skin clinging to the muscle. I didn’t follow directions, I will probably have to go in for a touch-up plastic surgery which I am not looking forward to at all! It really comes down to one question. Do you want to wear the compression shorts for a month, or spanks for the rest of your life? Get multiple pairs of compression shorts so it does not get as itchy.

Yes!!! My recovery plan included compression thigh pants and different exercises. I had to do lunges and squats, as well as inner and outer thigh weight lifting. The thigh lift helped me contour and remove excess fat, which was just the beginning. I wanted to make sure that I had very slender thighs and remove all pockets of cellulite. There are a few compression pants that are better than others. You should wear the ones that are the tightest. They are a bit uncomfortable but worth it in the end.