Thigh Lift vs Liposuction. Which one is better?

The thigh lift is a more invasive procedure, but I'm not sure liposuction can do as much as a thigh lift can do. Did you have good enough results with thigh liposuction only, or did the doctor recommend the thigh lift instead?


F, 37, Connecticut

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To be honest, I had both procedures at the same time, and it was a shock. A Thigh lift removes fat and helps with sagging skin in problem areas. For me, I had a massive weight loss of about 180 pounds and had extensive loose skin on my thighs from inner to outer. I also still had fat deposits that just would not drop off, even though I was working out after my gastric bypass surgery for two years.

Liposuction helps reduce pockets of fat and smooths out the thigh area. I wanted to have extremely slender thighs, and both procedures helped me shape and contour my legs to the size that I wanted. I also wore compression pants for a year after the procedure because I wanted to keep my legs firm. If you have any more questions, just ask! It’s been about three years since my procedures, and I’m happy with the results overall.

Okay, so I was looking to get rid of the fat on my thighs entirely. My doctor explained that for me thigh liposuction would not work because I have some excess skin/ sagginess so I decided to go with thigh lift surgery. If you have a little cellulite then liposuction would be the right body contouring cosmetic procedure for you. You do have the option of doing a combined procedure to have the best of both worlds. It’s really up to you and what your target areas are. Also, keep in mind that the recovery for liposuction is around a two week timeframe whereas thigh lifts take up to six to eight weeks for a full recovery.

I spent years changing my diet and exercising to lose weight. While I may have lost a lot of weight, I hated the way my thighs looked. There was a lot dimpling and loose skin. At my consultation, I asked my doctor whether liposuction or a thigh lift would be the best way for me to have contoured legs. Liposuction would remove excess fat from my thighs, that wasn't really my issue. I had a skin laxity issue. Skin laxity is not something that can be corrected through liposuction. My doctor said that I would need to have a thigh lift. I decided to undergo a thigh lift. I had my thigh lift two years ago and love the results. My thighs are toned, and I no longer have to wear clothes to hide that area of my body.

You're completely right in stating that the inner/median/vertical thigh lift is a more invasive procedure, as it requires more incisions than a liposuction procedure. When comparing the two, you have to evaluate the severity of your own situation and figure out whether the amount of skin or fat you want to remove is significant enough to pass the threshold for a thigh lift procedure. Maybe you don't need a full fledged thigh lift procedure. Have your plastic surgeon access where you fall on the procedure range.