What can go wrong during a thigh lift?

Did anyone here have a bad outcome from a thigh lift procedure? I hope not, but if you have anything to say, please share it! I'm a bit stressed about undergoing this procedure in the near future, and I want to make sure nothing bad can happen. What are the risks I could experience?


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Any surgical procedure can be a bit stressful. However, a lot of my stress was alleviated from doing a lot of research and discussing my concerns with my doctor. Like all surgery, there is a chance of experiencing complications. These complications were explained to me before my surgery. My surgeon explained what some of the potential issues that can arise. Some of the most common complications that patients experience include leg swelling and significant scarring. The worse complications result from issues that arise from using a surgeon that doesn't have any experience with thigh lifts. The surgeon I used had a lot of experience performing this type of surgery. I didn't experience any complications and was happy with the results.

There are a few things that can go wrong with thigh lift surgery. I talked to my doctor beforehand and felt completely comfortable. He was an average doctor I think. Knowing what I know now, I would have asked more about the scars. It’s been the most difficult part of this process to recover from. I had to use a lot of creams and compression garments after the thigh lift. It helped me to slender down, as there was still some sagging after the surgery due to my size. I had a weight loss of almost 200 pounds, so my skin was very loose. I ended up having another surgery after my initial thighplasty to further tighten my thighs. If you are prepared for the recovery, then it’s a good procedure. I’m happy with my thigh size and appearance now. It’s been five years since my initial thigh lift however.

I feel like with such a common procedure as a thigh lift, you're bound to have some unhappy customers. If you browse online message boards and forums, you'll notice that some women are incredibly upset with the level of scarring they experienced after their thigh lift procedure. There are even full articles from women who have had a bad plastic surgery experience, but those are a bit more rare within the thigh lift world. That being said, this shouldn't scare you off from pursuing the procedure. You just need to do good research into a board certified plastic surgeon and ask to see their previous work. All surgeons should have an archive of pictures you can reference. Check out their portfolio--do you like what you see? Do you notice any scarring? How long after the surgery were these images taken? These are all fair questions to ask and you shouldn't be afraid to inquire about something this permanent.

My wife was adamant about getting a medial thigh lift because her inner thighs were sagging. I tried to encourage her not to because I did not mind the flab at all-- we are getting older, the body sags. I was just nervous about her having to go unconscious with anesthesia, but that was the least of our problems. Her scars began to leak a week after surgery and so she had to do a follow up procedure because of an infection. Half a year later she is slowly but surely recovering, at this time she still has ugly scars. Currently, we are being told by doctors blood is not flowing properly through her legs. If you ask me, it was not worth the nightmare we are currently in the midst of.