What options of a thigh lift without surgery do I have?

I know about those tapes that lift your skin up, but I think they are ridiculous. I would want to have a non-invasive procedure, such as lasers, or any machine that would tighten up the skin on my thighs, so that it won't jiggle so much. Any recommendations?


F, 31, New York

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I feel uncomfortable with undergoing surgery so I definitely did my homework on non-invasive cosmetic surgery treatments. First off, there is laser skin tightening that improve muscle tone, eliminates loose skin, and does not require recovery time. Usually this treatments require multiple treatments and the results occur gradually. Arasys treatments are 20 minute muscle stimulation sessions that do not have any side effects. The process mimics exercise more efficiently by burning fat without having to process sugar or overstress the muscles. Lipodissolve injections eat away at fat cells. This causes the fat to float in the bloodstream and ultimately be removed from the body. All of these options are a lot cheaper than thigh lift surgery depending on how many treatments are required.

I use thigh lift tape. It’s by Skinnies. It works for the most part. It feels like I’m wearing a bandaid and isn’t visible for the most part. You can wear it under longer dresses and pants. However, it won’t go with shorts and short skirts however. You also can’t wear it under tights without it showing, but I’ve worn it under thicker stockings and leggings before.

There are also Spanx and instant implant type of pants, as well as compression pants. You can wear these under longer dresses and pants. It helps to firm things up and makes dresses fit better. I’ve worn Spanx for many years. It works wonders for dresses and comes with different types of lifting body suits, like thigh lifts or just the butt lifts.

Girl, I am right with you on what you said about those ridiculous thigh tapes! I also think they're so silly because they're not even permanent! Imagine having to do that every single day? No, thank you! I know there's an overwhelming number of options on the internet when it comes to thigh lifts, and I feel like many of them are pretty invasive. Take the medial thigh lift or even the vertical thigh lift for example; these procedures require a recovery period of 3 weeks, sometimes more. I think the best route for you would be liposuction on your thighs, so that there aren't severe incisions and annoying scarring that you'll have to heal from. Liposuction should be much easier of a procedure and you can get rid of those stubborn fat cells that appear around a woman's thighs. They're so frustrating! I encourage you to look into liposuction and read online reviews.

I heard that a thigh lift is able to remove sagging, excess skin from thighs. I don't like my flabby thighs so I would love a thigh lift. However, I didn't want to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. I also didn't want to do something that wouldn't make a difference, like wearing compression garments. My plastic surgeon suggested a couple of alternatives to a surgical thigh lift. He said that procedures like Titan and Arasys to tighten the skin on my thighs. He suggested Titan. Instead of using a scalpel, Titan uses infrared lasers to tighten the skin. It takes six months to see the final results. The benefits of this form of treatment is that there is not downtime and very little risk. I had to undergo two treatment sessions. The results of Titan are permanent. However, aging may have an effect on future skin laxity and fat deposits. I'm thrilled with the results and am glad that I didn't have to get plastic surgery.