Where would thigh lift incisions be?

The incisions must be huge since the doctor would remove so much skin from the thighs. Is it worth having this procedure when you're left with big scars? How visible would they be, by the way? I have mixed thoughts... Can anyone share some light on this matter? I would love to hear I'm far off from the truth.


F, 52, New York

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Scars are a tough part of any plastic surgery, and with something as extensive as a thigh lift, you're bound to have noticeably visible scars for at least a few weeks. Overtime, like all scars, they will gradually begin to fade, but they may not completely disappear. As for your question on where the incisions will be, this is completely dependent on where your surgeon needs to remove thigh fat from. More often than not, this means the inner part of the thigh, so you can expect a scar going up the inner parts of your thighs. Whether your scar will heal as effectively as other patients is tough to say without knowing the specifics of your surgery, but a thorough conversation with your doctor should help make it clear that minimal scarring is a priority of yours. Don't be afraid to make your priorities known to your plastic surgeon. You only have one body.

I've had a surgical procedure done before and understand the importance of incision placement. I have done well with my recent weight loss journey but have now been left with some excess skin on my outer thighs. When I went to have a consultation about having thigh lift surgery, I asked about the incision placement and scarring. As much as I wanted to have firmer thighs, I didn't want to be left looking worse than I did before the surgery. My doctor told me that I would have visible scars. Over time, the scars would fade. The nature of the thigh lift procedure determines where the incisions are placed. I had a decent amount of sagging skin on my outer thigh but also some on my inner thigh. My incisions were made in the area where my thighs and pubic area meet. This allowed me to hide the scars. Other types of thigh lift procedures may involve longer incisions along the leg.

It really depends on the type of thigh lift that you get. Spiral thigh lifts and inner thigh lifts have the most hidden scars. You get a little incision at the top of your thigh for an inner thigh lift. The spiral thigh lift has incisions under the butt cheeks. These may seem extreme but after some cream ointments, I’ve diminished the scars to where I would have to point them out to be noticed.The most extensive scar comes from the vertical thigh lift. This scar goes from hip to knee on the outside of the thigh. Circumferential thigh lifts also have extension scar that can go down the inner thigh from groin to knee. If you have issues with the scarring, I will say that it can be difficult in the first few months. The main point of the surgeries is to remove fat and slim down, tightening up the loose skin. Some skin probably does not heal as well due to pigmentation. I was lucky to find a good shea butter to rub down my thighs daily to help with scarring and stretch marks.

The size and location of the incision depends on the surgery that you choose. I was insecure about my upper inner thighs and so I got a medial thigh lift. My scars were right at my bikini line and were very dark, red, and looked similar to Frankenstein stitches. After my 2 week recovery time the swelling and bruising subsided but I was adamant about getting rid of those scars. Since the scars were close to my pubic area I applied coconut oil, neosporin, and tea tree oil twice every day and my scars faded within one year. I know other thigh procedures require larger incisions and that is why I have decided against them. Now I do not have any visible scarring on my legs.