Considering tummy tuck surgery - Need advice!

Hey! I work for an IT firm and I have been sitting for nearly 10 hours a day for the past 2 years. There is no time for me to spend in the gym because of my work, the pressure and stress. By the end of the day, I feel really tired and will go to bed soon after dinner. I didn't realize how bad my health and body has become over the past 2 years, but recently had my BMI checked. It showed that I was a 29.1, which is on the high side. My doctor told me I needed to start losing weight. Most of my fat is concentrated in my abdomen, like I'm 5 months pregnant. I try to hide my stomach be wearing loose tops, but it didn't work. I joined a gym for 3 months to get rid of my stomach but I wasn't putting in the work necessary to lose weight. Being a working woman, this felt like a battle I couldn't fight. Whoever I met would always notice my stomach first. When I discussed this with a friend, she suggested I get a tummy tuck. It was then that I realized that I seriously needed plastic surgery and I'm not planning on consulting with a plastic surgeon. I don't know how effective a tummy tuck is, but it looks like a lot of people have had good results with this surgery. But before that, I was wondering if anyone could share their experience having a tummy tuck with me. Will it reduce my BMI? 


F, Ontario

A tummy tuck is a body contour procedure, not a weight loss procedure. It will not reduce your BMI. Since you describe yourself as appearing pregnant, it is likely that the bulk of your fat is on the inside of your abdomen and is attached to your intestines ("visceral fat"). A tummy tuck and liposuction have no effect on this. The only way to improve your issue is with proper diet and exercise. When you get to your goal weight, you may then under go body contour procedures, such as liposuction and/or a tummy tuck to improve your body's appearance.