How bad are scars from tummy tuck?

My husband has offered to buy me a tummy tuck for our anniversary this May. I have had four kids and will not be anymore so this seems like a perfect opportunity. I am very worried about the tummy tuck scars however. Is there a way to tell how severe the scarring will be following the tummy tuck? And are there any procedures to get rid of those scars regardless of their severity? I would be very interested to know about that as well.

The answer is there is no way to know how someone will scar. If you've had surgery before, your other scars would be an indication of how you scar, but not a guarantee. If you have bad scars from previous operations (and it was closed correctly), you're at a higher risk of developing bad scars from the tummy tuck. That said, scar creams and silicone sheeting are very helpful at optimizing the appearance of scars. Thick scars can often be flattened with steroid injections, and discolored scars can often be improved with laser treatments.