Where are the scars for a Tummy Tuck?

Does anyone know if doctors can do a low flatter incision below the underpants line? It would be amazing to be able to wear a bikini within a few months of having a tummy tuck. I don’t necessarily need to stay in the sun, I'd just like to be able to wear a swimsuit without being embarrassed. I bought plane tickets to Playa Norte, Mexico, and I’m already super excited to go.


F, 31, New Hampshire

Talk to your doctor about where you’d like your scars to be placed. I showed my doctor pictures of other tummy tuck patients who had gotten lower, flatter scars. I didn’t want a large curved scar that would be visible in my bathing suit or underwear. When he examined me prior to the procedure, we talked about where the scar should be placed and where my bikini line usually falls. He took into account the placement of my pelvis and the position of my belly button because these features often determine how low the incision can be. I did not have a large amount of loose skin, which allows for lower horizontal scar placement, so my doctor opted for a small vertical scar. I was able to get mine low enough that it is completely hidden when I am in my bathing suit, so it is definitely possible. 

Where scars will appear from the two incisions required for a full tummy tuck depends a lot on the technique your surgeon uses. You can have some say where you want the scar to appear, and the surgeon can plan the best placement and make sure the incisions are thin enough to minimize their appearance afterward. The doctor can place the horizontal incision used to remove the stretch marks and the one to secure the belly button in place out of sight below the panty line. An "inverted U" scar for the belly button will look most natural. Other types of incisions can leave it looking like either an arrowhead shape, a bull's eye target or donut in the center of your belly. The morning of the surgery, talk to your surgeon again to make sure you know where the incision will me made.