Will Ultherapy affect my dermal fillers?

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I go for dermal fillers every 6 months to keep my face refreshed. I was looking into the possibility of getting Ultherapy done but was wondering if it might dissolve my dermal fillers. I don't really want to get the procedure if it is going to affect my fillers.


F, 46, California

When I turned 50, I started getting dermal fillers twice a year. I read in a magazine that Ultherapy would help me look younger without having a surgical facelift. It is used for skin tightening and I definitely needed that. I immediately scheduled an appointment to have it done. I wasn't sure about the effect it would have on my dermal fillers. I didn't want to stop getting them or to have something strange happen to my fillers after the process. I was told that Ultherapy will not cause dermal fillers to dissolve or impact my dermal fillers. My doctor suggested that I not have the filler injections and Ultherapy at the same time. He said I should wait at least two weeks between treatments to better assess how much filler I would need. I took his advice and scheduled my Ultherapy treatment three weeks after my dermal filler injections. Small note - I also get botox injections so I am just following the same advice of scheduling them apart from Ultherapy.

A few months before my Ultherapy, I had Restylane filler. I wanted to try Ultherapy, but I was concerned about how this treatment would affect the results of my dermal fillers. I had previously read that Ultherapy was not suitable for patients who had previously had dermal filler injections.

At my consultation, I expressed my concerns about Ultherapy and the side effects that it would have on previous procedures. My doctor told me that there weren't any studies about the effects of what Ultherapy does to fillers. He did mention that there were some patients who saw their fillers dissolve. However, this occurred in patients who had their hyaluronic acid fillers injected within two months of the Ultherapy treatment did see their fillers dissolve.

My procedure was performed four months after my injections, so I didn't have any issues. I also did not have the Ultherapy performed in the same areas where the filler was injected.

I was actually wondering the same thing and so I did a lot of research on it. What I found was really helpful so I am moving forward with Ultherapy and have a consultation scheduled for later this month.

What I found is that there's no proof of people that received this treatment and then had their fillers melt or had any issues. Most surgeons say that it's safe to do both on the face but that there are a few cautions for people that are interested in having Ultherapy done and then inserting fillers. That's not the case for you and you already have fillers so you should be fine as long as you don't have the same areas treated at the same time.

What my doctor said was that if I was going to get a filler done I should wait for 2 to 3 weeks before having therapy treatment on that portion of my face just to be safe.

I hope that helps!

I use dermal fillers, and I had Ultherapy done. My doctor explained that Ultherapy treats the inner layers of the skin and stimulates collagen production, while fillers only work on the surface level to treat specific lines, wrinkles, and/or acne scars. Ultherapy stimulated the production of collagen in my face, which caused my skin to become more firm, toned and lifted especially around my jawline which was sagging. I did achieve immediate results, but the long term effects become more apparent over a period of 2 to 3 months. My doctor recommended that I combine the use of a filler with the Ultherapy treatment to produce immediate results and an enhanced effect. I'm thrilled with the results that I achieved, and the compliments that I continue to get from people who haven't seen in a while are giving me the boost of confidence that I needed. I'm thrilled with my results, and I highly recommend Ultherapy!

I was interested in Ultherapy. However, I got Restylane fillers two months before I scheduled my appointment to treat some fine lines and frown lines and was concerned that Ultherapy would affect my filler treatment. My board certified plastic surgeon said that there was no real evidence showing that Ultherapy would negatively impacted my fillers. However, she did suggest that anyone interested in it should undergo the therapy at least two months after their last filler injections. She also said that it would probably be a good idea to avoid areas where the fillers were placed. Some patients have fillers and Ultherapy at the same time. I felt a little more confident about getting Ultherapy because I wasn't having the treatments in the same area as my fillers. I did, however, wait an additional two months to undergo my treatment. My Ultherapy treatment occurred four months after the last filler injection. The final result of the treatment had no impact on my filler.

Dont do it, ultratherapy dissolves the fat in your face, making you age at a faster rate. I so regret having it done, I look 20 years older with sagging aged skin.