Will Ultherapy work for my aging neck?

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I have lots of loose skin on my neck, kind of like a turkey neck. Is Ulterapy a procedure that I can use to tighten the skin on my neck? If it works, I'm betting I can look 5-10 years younger


F, 57, Pennsylvania

I am happy after my appearance, after losing 70 pounds, but the loose skin around my neck area annoyed me. My weight loss caused me to have a turkey neck and look older than 44.

After researching different procedures, I decided to try Ultherapy. I was concerned about the process because I read mixed reviews. However, I was glad I'd undergone the procedure because I started to see subtle changes after two weeks. It took five months for the best Ultherapy results to become evident, but they were amazing. I'm glad I decided to try this ultrasound technology. I was a bit skeptical but I am now confident that this procedure does yield results.

I had Ultherapy done to treat my jowls and neck. The skin on this area was just beginning to droop and sag. I did not want to get a surgical procedure like a neck lift so I asked my doctor about non-invasive alternatives. I ended up going with Ultherapy and I'm thrilled with the results! Within a few months, my skin tightened significantly, and those ugly jowls disappeared. I recommend Ultherapy because the downtime is minimal, and the results are substantial! During my consultation, the doctor examined my skin to determine if I would be a good candidate for the treatment. My doctor also explained that Ultherapy is versatile and works for different skin types. You should ask for before and after photos from previous patients during a consultation. My family and friends are amazed at the results that I've achieved.

My mom is about your age and she had Ultherapy treatment done for under her chin as well as around her eyes. We were both really pleased with the results because we had assumed that the only option for her was a facelift, however her plastic surgeon said that she could benefit from this non-invasive treatment.

It was definitely a more gentle difference than what you would see with a traditional surgery but for us, we didn't need to have such a drastic change. My mom likes subtle and simple and doesn't want to deal with all of the risks that are associated with surgery.

I will say that she does look much younger with less skin underneath her chin. The procedure produced good skin tightening results to her double chin. She did lose a bit of weight too which could have helped her neck area too. It's also giving her a lot of confidence and I think it's great because I know that she was really feeling her age. You should talk with your doctor and see if it's a good choice for you because it could make a huge difference.

I, unfortunately, suffer from a turkey neck now that I am older. I discussed several options with my cosmetic surgeon and decided that Ultherapy would be my best option. I was surprised to find out that Ultherapy is fda-approved to treat the neck. I was interested in procedures that did not involve surgery. My ultherapy treatment used ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin around my neck. What made me really happy about the procedure is it was something I didn't have to undergo more than once. One treatment session eliminated my excess neck skin. I looked years younger, and am happy with the results, I may consider having it done on my face. If you are seeking a non-invasive way to improve skin laxity, Ultherapy is something you should consider.