How long do bruises last after upper eyelid surgery?

My upper eyelid surgery is scheduled for the end of this month, and I'm getting excited... but scared. I've seen pictures of people who had a blepharoplasty and they had a lot of bruising around their eyelids. I gotta say it looks horrible but I know that I can't really avoid it. How long will I look like that? When does bruising go down?


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I had upped eyelid surgery a few months ago and my bruises went away completely after about 3 weeks. I know that sounds like a long time, but after the second week, you could barely notice them. It’s not too bad except for the first few days after the surgery. You won’t want to go anywhere without dark sunglasses, you'll look like you lost a boxing match! I stayed at home for five days until my eyes began to feel normal again. The puffiness was bad but that went away after a couple of days too. The main thing is to rest your eyes and get a lot of rest. You’ll heal faster that way.

My surgeon told me that my bruising would go away within 1 to 2 weeks but that wasn't the case. I went in to get my upper eyelid surgery about 7 months ago and I was so excited for the entire process. I knew that I was going to have some pain and that there was going to be swelling and bruising afterward but I thought that I was prepared.

Oh boy, was I wrong. I ended up having severe bruising for almost four whole weeks and the swelling didn't completely go down for what felt like forever. I had to go back to work before everything has cleared up and I had coworkers stopping me and asking if I've been in an accident.

The bruising was way more extreme than I thought it was going to be and I would have been pissed if the procedure hadn't worked as well as it did. I definitely got what I wanted but I wish that I had just taken all of my vacation time so that I could have avoided having to see all of my coworkers like that.

There’s definitely some serious bruising that happens after the upper eyelid surgery. I know, you want to get back to your daily activities, but it’s best to let the swelling and bruising go down as much as possible beforehand. You can ice the area and keep your head elevated when you are sleeping and this will help with many of the side effects. The bruising probably looks really bad right now, especially if you are just a day or two out from the procedure. Most of the time, bruises begin to change from black to purple, then from purple to blue, blue to green, then from green to yellow and finally back to your regular skin tone. In my experience, this takes about ten days to happen. It’s important to follow whatever post-operation instructions that your doctor provided you with in order to keep bruising to a minimum.

I recently had eyelift surgery myself, and my biggest concern was the amount of downtime I’d need to heal up enough to be seen in public again. I was told to expect to have bruising and swelling for up to three weeks. So, I prepared myself for the worst, knowing that the results would be long-lasting and worth it.

After surgery, I did notice some swelling and a bit of bruising a few days after the surgery. Also, I saw that a significant amount of bruising and swelling started to clear up at the end of the first week after my blepharoplasty. My surgeon told me when I could start using concealing makeup after the surgery and I think that it's really important to let your doctor have the final say on stuff like that.

I’m 2 weeks post-surgery and still have very visible reddish/purple bruising beneath one eye. Concealer does not begin to hide it. My eyelids are also bruised in much the same, color only lighter. I took Arnica tablets for 4 days prior to surgery and 5 days after.

I’m frustrated with the bruising but I can already see that the surgery was worth it.