What alternatives to upper eyelid surgery do I have?

Surgery is not my first pick, but if I don't have any choice I'll do it. Are there any upper eyelid surgery alternatives worth looking into? Do fillers work? I don't know what else could help.


M, 55, Connecticut

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There are definitely alternatives to upper eyelid surgery. You could try eyelid fillers and Botox is one of the most popular alternatives to upper eyelid surgery. With Botox, you just get an injection treatment and the muscles that cause frown lines, smile lines, and crow’s feet will instantly be relaxed. You'll look younger almost instantly. Botox needs to be maintained, though.

I've also read that skin resurfacing treatments are a popular choice for patients who are looking for more options. It can be done by laser, chemical peels, or microneedling. If you can’t get over the anxiety of surgery, you should probably consider resurfacing!

I had eyelid surgery done to reduce the bags under my eyes and the excess skin on my upper eyelids. My problem was purely cosmetic and wasn't obstructing my vision. I look a lot younger since having my surgery, and it significantly improved my confidence and personality. I feel better about myself since having the surgery, I'm outgoing and find myself laughing and enjoying life more.

There are other options available, including Botox and dermal filler. My plastic surgeon described the options available during my consultation. I looked at before and after photos of patients who had eye lift surgery and patients who had Botox or Restylane injections. I decided to go ahead with the surgery because I wanted a permanent solution with significant results.

I’ll tell you I tried everything to fix my droopy eyelids because they make me look much older than I really am. I also have deep wrinkles around my eyes because I’ve spent a lot of time in the sun without any sunscreen on, which was a terrible idea but we didn't know any better. First, I tried tape and it just looked strange, plus it was uncomfortable. I did facial exercises to try to tighten the muscles around my lids but that failed too. What I’ve been trying lately is Botox injections, and I've been liking them, but it does wear off. There are alternatives but, in the end, I think I’ll end up having plastic surgery because I want to feel better about how I look. Maybe in another year or two I'll get the surgery and use Botox until then.

Like many people my age, I have droopy eyelids... I wanted that wide-eyed youthful look again, but I dreaded the thought of eyelid surgery. I started looking for alternatives to blepharoplasty surgery.

I found the Ten Minute Eyelift online and it promised to give the look of an eyelift without going through a dangerous surgical procedure. During my ten minute eyelift, the doctor marked the protruding portion of my eyelid, and then gave me an injection in that area for anesthetic. Next, she ran a heated probe over these areas. This is supposed to shrink the area as the extra skin is removed. There was a small sore area after the procedure was finished, and that was treated with ointment. The tiny line healed quickly. I looked years younger and like I was well rested (even though I haven't had a good night's sleep in a decade). The procedure only took about five minutes per eye, and I was able to go back to my routine daily activities right away.

My eyes were completely healed in about eight days. This procedure gave me a younger look with no downtime and at a much lower price than eyelift surgery. I love the way I look!

I have heard that a lot of people have success with eyelid lift strips. I know that it's not a permanent solution and it's one that you're going to have to do every day, but it allows you to completely skip having to go under the knife. Plus, when you're at home or just doing groceries or errands, you can skip them those days.

They are actually really popular in places like Korea and Japan because it gives that extra crease that makes your eyes look bigger. The process itself is really easy: it's just a thin strip that you place and it creates a crease without any worries. Fillers are an also an option but it seems like you're looking for something that can keep you away from having to have any sort of cosmetic procedure done, right?

I might be wrong but I would really suggest that you look into the tape first, that way you know whether or not you like the way it looks.