How is Volbella XC for lip injections?

I have been using Restalyne Silk for my lip injections but am considering switching to Volbella XC the next time I go in because I heard it could last longer. Are the results better with Volbella XC?


F, 27, New York

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I wasn't blessed with full lips but wanted them. I tried a lot of products to create the illusion of full lips, including lip plumping glosses. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of money on products that did not work. I even tried other types of filler that did not last long. I decided that I wanted to try something that was effective and had lasting results. I found a board-certified plastic surgeon and during our discussion about lip fillers she suggested Juvederm Volbella. Volbella is a non-surgical approach to lip augmentation. It plumps the lips and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I was also happy to hear that Volbella would last for at least a year. Other hyaluronic acid fillers last a lot less than that. I decided to try Volbella and love the results.

Volbella has saved my thinning lips. I'm 55, and although in my youth I had the fullest lips, age and time have caused them to deflate. I consulted with my doctor, and he persuaded me to give Volbella a shot for lip enhancement. I was really nervous as this was my first time getting fillers, plus I have a low tolerance for pain. Volbella has a numbing agent in it, though, and it was virtually painless! My lips are in much better shape, now, and I can't believe I waited this long to try it. Next stop - Botox! Hope this helps form your decision!

I had my lips injected with Restylane a few years ago, and last month I got Volbella lip injections. I prefer Volbella because it made my lips subtly fuller and less wrinkled. However, when I had Restylane lip injections a few years ago, my lips were noticeably bigger and looked swollen for a couple of weeks, especially near the injection site. During that time, I was too embarrassed to be seen in public. But my Volbella lip injections look so natural and pretty with nice subtle volume. And unlike Restylane lip injections, I didn’t experience any bruising after getting my lips filled with Volbella. The greatest thing about using Volbella is that my lip fullness will last up to a year, while my Restylane lip injections only lasted four months.

I had Juvederm Volbella XC lip injections back in 2016 when they were first fda-approved in the United States and loved them. I switched to Restalyne Silk at my last injection because I had heard it was better for shaping the lips. For my next injection, though, I will definitely be returning to Volbella injections. I got a smoother look, and all those little lines around my mouth completely disappeared. I think my face even looked more youthful than it did after the Restalyne injections. Plus, the Vollabella XC really did last an entire year and half which is three times longer than the Restalyne Silk.

I made the switch to Juvederm Volbella for my lip injections about a year and a half ago and could not be happier with that decision. Right after the procedure, my lips already looked healthier, and I had less swelling and bruising than I did with Galderma Restalyne. By the time I attended a wedding about ten days later, the swelling and bruising had disappeared, and I could definitely see the difference. Many of my friends have even commented about how much younger my face looks, and I always tell them about Volbella. These dermal fillers have given my lips a plumper, smoother appearance than other products, and they last longer. I get a solid year of the full effects which is almost double the duration of my previous Restalyne injectable fillers.