What are the after care instructions for Volbella injections?

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For the first time in my life I have decided to get a cosmetic procedure. Although it is non-invasive lip injections I am still a worry wart and always like being prepared. What should I being doing post Volbella injections to the lips?


F, 29, New York

Last month I had my lips injected with Volbella, and I was really pleased to find that the aftercare was minimal. I had slight lip swelling and itching for about two days, so I simply used an ice pack to ease this. My doctor also advised me to sleep with my head elevated for a few days to also help reduce the swelling. I didn’t have to live my life any differently after getting Volbella injections. I went to work, the gym, ran errands, and I was fine. Nobody even noticed that I’d had lip augmentation because the results were so subtle and natural-looking. Overall, the recovery from Juvederm Volbella lip injections was easy and the results are amazing.

Don't worry! I was super nervous before my first Volbella dermal filler injections, and I got a great result without any complications. Basically, the main side effects are mild bruising and swelling. I put an ice pack on my lips for the first 45 minutes and then on 10 minutes and off 10 minutes for the next hour. For the first night, I slept in a recliner to keep my head up and minimize the swelling. I experienced no pain at all. My dermatologist also recommended Arnica Montana pills to prevent bruising around the mouth. I never had any problems, but some people get lumps in their lips. If this happens to you, lightly massaging the lips should fix the problem. Plus, if you're like me and always busy, this a good excuse to spend a few days just relaxing and healing.

I was considering getting Volbella lip injections to provide some much needed lip enhancement. I wanted to do everything that I needed to do to ensure that nothing went wrong. As it turns out, the aftercare instructions were easy to follow. I needed to apply a cold compress, or ice, to my lips for 45 minutes. Then I applied ice on an off to the injection site for another hour. I was instructed to keep my head propped up during the first night to decrease the chances of swelling and bruising. My doctor further advised me to avoid direct sunlight, exercise, and excessive temperatures for a few days. The post treatment aftercare really didn't affect my day-to-day living significantly.