Y Lift vs Liquid Facial

What is the difference between the Y lift and the liquid facial? I've read that the Y lift lasts longer than the liquid facial, is this true? Also, do the costs vary between them, especially if one doesn't last as long? Is one procedure considered better than another or is it something that is dependent upon the individual's face shape, age, or budget? Are all of the techniques dermal filler or involve neurotoxins too? 


F, 37, New Jersey

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I believe the Y lift and a liquid facelift are identical. Both involve the heavy usage of hyaluronic fillers (and frequently Botox as well) and both are temporary. Botox usually only lasts 3-4 months and filler, depending on a person's metabolism, usually lasts about a year. 

The Y lift is likely to be more expensive because you're paying for the marketing. The results won't be any different than a regular liquid facelift.